Udo Walz BERLIN is a cosmetic brand created German celebrity stylist. Udo was born in 1944 in Waiblingen, Germany. His hairdresser career began when he was 14, when he was doing internship in Stuttgard. His creativity and professionalism convinced many clients and he was appreciated by people such as:  Marlena Dietrich, Roma Schenider and Angela Merkel.


Udo Walz inspires with honest work, amazing creativity and perfectionism, engaging clients in conversations, always finding the right tone and interesting topic. Unique mixture of creativity, discipline and personality in one person.

Newest line of cpsmetics, UDO WALZ HAIRFOOD, inspired by organic, natural ingredients :
Chia seeds, delivering amino-acids and a wide range of vitamins : A,D,E i K. Supports cell regeneration and naturally gives your hair volume.
Moringa tree oil, according to Hindu beliefs, able to heal over 300 diseases. Natural source of Zeatin – anti-oxidant and growth hormone, allowing the tree to grow amazingly quickly. Moringa tree oil contains minerals, fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and anti-oxidants.
Coconut water and coconut oil, not only are they great at moisturizing and refreshing the hair, but also conditon them.
Green Matcha tea, discovered by Buddhist monks over 800 years ago, as meditative drink. The tea is produced from the best and most juicy leaves. Other than nourishing caffeine, Matcha contains soothing amino-acids.
Pomegranate rich in Vitamins C, E, betacarotene, zinc, Selenium and polyphenols. Pomegranate seed oil is rich in fatty acids, bio-active ingredients protecting from harmful external elements. Those ingredients support regeneration of damaged hair cells UDO WALZ HAIRFOOD products  are : PARABEN, SILICON and SULFATE FREE.

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