Polish Flowers is a collection of scented nail polish.
Classical, timeless palette of reds and carefully designed, light formula is especially gentle for the nail and allows you to enjoy intense color for longer.

When creating Polish Flowers,we were trying to underline the polish roots of the brand, but in an original and not obvious way. We decided to take from the beauty of traditional polish flowers, without regional or folk motives. It’s modern products with innovative formulas and in a designer form. Gentle for the nail and in attractive colors.Available at:



POLISH FOLK is a limited collection of nail polish, inspired by unique polish folk culture. 14 unique colors takes us into a world fill of sentimental memories, where nature is just within hand’s reach, allowing us to enjoy it’s closeness. The collection’s personality is additionally accented by the unique names: gęsi puch, cicha woda, noc kupały, niebo skowronków czy odpustowe korale.
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POLISH FOREST is a collection of nail polish inspired by woodland secrets. 6 distinct, expressive colors and intensive dyes, it’ll certainly be a quick-rotating product.

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POLISH FRENCH SET – innovative, french manicure. Set of two nail polish, one black and one shiny, inspired by precious metals, along with 100 templates to manicure your nails. Imagination is the only limit left!

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