Alum-based deodorants are particularly valued by conscious customers, seeking natural and safe solutions. Earth Salt is an alternative to popular deodorants and antiperspirants – their effects on human skin still unknown. A large number of consumers are those who had experiences with ontological diseases. It is because natural products like Earth Salt are recommended by doctors in USA and UK
Positive qualities of alum
Alum is a natural crystal coming from different places on Earth, known mainly from it’s antiseptic qualities. First known cases of using alum as natural protection against unpleasant scents of sweat can be found in ancient China and Egypt. It was also widely used by ancient Greeks and Romans. In ancient Rome, potassium was widely used as deodorant and medical crystal.
– antiseptic and hypoallergenic
– stops formation of bacteria on the skin
– leaves skin pores open, not blocking skin’s toxin removal
– 100% natural and safe for the skin, as well as scentless
– ideal alternative for classic deodorants and antiperspirants

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