Bali SPA

Amazing atmosphere from Indonesian Bali island, a unique climate of what we call to be heaven on earth is now within reach…
Bali Spa is a a natural, Indonesian care joined with newest technology, a synergy that calms the mind and regenerates the body
Offering two lines of products – each based on different active ingredients that slim or cleanse the body. Selected oils calm the mind and restore balance to the senses.
1. Bali Spa Kuta- Relaxing and cleansing
2. Bali Spa Sanur- Slimming
3. Japanesse Spa Sakura- Oxygenating and regenerating



Body mask Sakura awarded by Glamour magazine readers.


Sanur line awarded by Twój Styl in Doskonałość Roku 2014 plebiscite.


European release of Bali Spa



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